Sam Robson is a professional food photographer and food stylist. With a culinary background she captures exceptional visual stories about what and how we eat.

Hi I’m Sam and food photography for me is all about capturing not only the dish itself but the emotions it evokes, the senses it tickles and the memories it awakens.

I have always been creative and initially trained in Theatre Design but found myself drawn into the world of food. Having always been a keen cook I found a home in professional kitchens and worked my way up to running my own kitchen at a successful Teahouse in North East England.

Relocating to the Netherlands in 2016 I continued to work in high profile kitchens where the style matched the substance of the dishes. As my family grew food photography began as a way of documenting my culinary creations but the drive to create stunning photographs soon became my main focus.

I love to capture a variety of dishes and continue to develop recipes for personal and commercial use. I love to create images that reflect the soul of the dish or product and fit with the values of a brand.

You can get in touch with me me via the contact page, I look forward to talking with you.